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Monkeying around in Costa Rica!

All four monkey species found in Costa Rica make an appearance in this video. Squirrel monkeys have a friendly chattering sound and are super playful. They are a favorite at team Anywhere Costa Rica. White Face, Howler, Spider or Squirrel - which are your favorite?

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On our trip to Costa Rica, we visited Erian Herrera Quiros, an artist who recycles trash to make beautiful lawn art. His goal? To clean the country and set an example for society. Learn more by watching our video at his colorful art studio, Souvenir Herrera.

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Regenerating our Forest
Regenerating Costa Rica's forests is a community effort. The Anywhere team is there to help make sure Costa Rica's nature stays healthy and dominant! Visit us at to learn more about Costa Rica's landscape, culture and wildlife. #nature #travel #VisitCostaRica #forest #habitat

Glass Artists in Costa Rica
Did you know? Costa Rica is not just a place of beautiful landscapes, amazing food and incredible people, it's filled with artists who create one-of-a-kind pieces varying in type and style. Witness the unique expertise of a passionate glass blower in our short video below! If you'd like to read more about how you can visit Costa Rica, visit us at! #travel #art #artist #glassblowing #travelplanning #CostaRica

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Jaguar Rescue Center
Wild animals are of extreme importance in Costa Rica, and thanks to sanctuaries like the Jaguar Rescue Center, no species is left uncared for. Watch below as we explore the center and meet the wonderful people who are behind it all! #Wildlife #CostaRica #Travel #Love

Gente Feliz - Costa Rica
Costa Rica is beautiful, but one of the most amazing aspects of this country is not the food, landscape, or excursions, it's the incredible people who call Costa Rica their home. To visit Costa Rica and embrace everything it has to offer, visit us at #Travel #CostaRica #Culture #TravelPlanning

Costa Rican Currency
Learning the fine details about foreign currency is very important before traveling abroad. Watch to discover how to best understand currency in Costa Rica! #culture #travel #CostaRica #currency

Costa Rica - Clay Artists
Guaitil is a small village in the Guanacaste province, between Nicoya and Santa Cruz. Guaitil is famous in all of Central America because of its pre-Columbian Chorotega style pottery. The Chorotegas are one of the main indigenous cultures in Costa Rica, and the entire town of Guaitil is dedicated to the pottery trade, using specific clay from the area. Their secret techniques of pottery making have been passed down through the generations and economically supports the people of the village. Watch the video below more to learn about this beautiful craft. To discover more Costa Rican culture, visit #costarica #travel #pottery #tradition #culture

Birds of Costa Rica
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Romance in the Rainforest
Travel can be one of the best ways to reconnect with the ones you love. Leave the routine behind, witness the beauty of a foreign landscape and share a new experience with a friend or loved one. This is why we travel. #CostaRica

Amphibians of Costa Rica
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🎶 Ninety-nine red balloons 🎈 floating in the summer sky 🎶 #timelapse #sunrise #travel #explore #adventure #travelplanning

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Need somewhere to rest, relax, and restore your sense of inner peace? Consider Costa Rica.

Aeria Yoga in Costa Rica
Would you consider aerial yoga part of a relaxing vacation? Nosara Wellness in Costa Rica may be the perfect spot for you.

Turtles of Tortuguero
The turtles of Tortuguero, Costa Rica are extremely protected – it's the place where ecotourism and conservation come together. Learn more in our latest video.

Taste A Costa Rican Coffee Tour
An important part of their reputation with the rest of the world, explore coffee-making and coffee culture in Costa Rica.

Rafting in Costa Rica
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Ready to get lost in Costa Rica's cloud forest?

Get Into the Water
Water is integral to your experience of Costa Rica. So come on, get into the water!

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Guatemala is an explosion of color, from verdant forests to pyrotechnic volcanoes to kaleidoscopic clothing.

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People visit Costa Rica for many reasons, but one of the most popular is the beautiful nature. It's not hard to see why. Discover more at

Costa Rica Family Vacations
Costa Rica is an ideal family vacation destination. Immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture, choose from a variety of adventures, and enjoy the best experiences the country has to offer. Learn more:

Good Planning = Awesome Vacation
If you have friends or family interested in visiting Costa Rica please share this video with them.

Ecotourism in Costa Rica
Would ecotourism exist today in Costa Rica without the adoption of the national park model 40+ year ago? Probably not. Would ecotourism have endured this long if people did not value nature within those protected areas? No way. Learn More

Monkeying around in Costa Rica!
All four monkey species found in Costa Rica make an appearance in this video. Squirrel monkeys have a friendly chattering sound and are super playful. They are a favorite at team Anywhere Costa Rica. White Face, Howler, Spider or Squirrel - which are your favorite?

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